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Teluk Intan

Taking a short journey to Teluk Intan, Perak for cousin's wed! Eventhough tak sempat pergi banyak tempat, we had fun so much! Somehow I want to be a kampung girl and being away from the haze of metropolitan city.  I want to travel to kampung places more. pretty please!:( 

The Fitou Braiserre,Mont Kiara

Music calm me. The interest, the talent and the passion are flow in the blood of my family. We do love music. As Malaysia have custom and culture, our family have music. 
Desa Parkcity in Mont Kiara is really catch my eyes. The place, the lake and the beautiful scenery replace the miserable with a peaceful mind and plus with the music.
Ayah is working here at the Fitou Braiserre Restaurant on Friday and Saturday. So ayah would bring us along. We had fun and we had food a lot!:D


The Pick Pocket and Robber

Saturday. It was the scariest feeling when you found your hand bag has been opened without your knowledge. I was heading to Station Hang Tuah from Station Imbi by monorel. So it tooks only 5 minutes in the monorel. I found the zip has opened when I reached the destination. Punya lah gelabah. Dekat tepi tu juga duduk bersila check apa yang hilang because I believe I didn't let the zip opened. Okay, this is it. I lost my purse. Dah tak boleh nak buat apa. My bad, my careless, my fault. Tapi pick pocket tu memang hebat  lah dalam masa kurang 5 minit pun dia sempat buka zip hand bag dalam monorel. So apparently I lost my atm card, matric card, house keys, license, pendrive, money and also love letters since school. Takpela kalau nak ambil semua barang tu, but I really sayang all my sentimental collections :( the police report, lodged.
Sunday. Entering house and noticing the back door is opened! Tengok dekat-dekat tombol pintu pecah. Pagar dah tercabut. Pintu dah terkopek. Tengok dala…

Ujibakat Pengacaraan dan Wartawan Penyiaran

Jam 10.30 malam. Aku terima mesej bbm daripada seorang teman yang mengatakan ada audition pencarian bakat baru untuk pengacara dan wartawan penyiaran RTM. Tak kisah lah stesyen TV mana pun. Aku memang minat bidang ni sejak kecil! Malangnya sudah terlalu lewat. Audition adalah esok jam 2 petang. Tapi, bila difikir-fikirkan balik, ini sebenarnya peluang. Dapat, tak dapat belakang cerita. Yang penting cuba!
Pujuk punya pujuk. Alhamdulillah ayah akhirnya setuju juga nak bawa aku untuk audition esok. Ayah pun tahu ini memang minat aku. Ayah kata, tak payah fikir kalau dapat or tak dapat, yang penting cari pengalaman untuk bertatih pergi lagi jauh. 
Semalaman lah aku tak tidur. Menyediakan segala macam resume, sijil dan persediaan untuk audition.
Ke hulu ke hilir aku mencari bantuan. Al maklumlah takde basic knowledge in Masscomm studies. Mujurlah ada kawan-kawan yg banyak bantu and beri support. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much! and not forgotten, special thanks to Hanif…

the 51st

a warm wishes! happy 51st birthday ibu! you are the greatest mother. we love you so much!(:

Paranormal of Menora in UiTM Lendu

Hi. First of all, to make things clear I am no longer an eligible student of UiTM Lendu but I was living in the so called spooky campus for about 3 years. I heard UiTM Lendu has been attacked by the paranormal thingy after Citrawarna for these couple days. Sampai kena kosongkan kolej and kolej lelaki pun was attacked by the histeria semua. Betul eh? Hmm. We can just pray the best for UiTM Lendu. To juniors, 'they' love something in dirt. Keep close to god. Istighfar. To girls, for those who are in menstruation period, 'keep clean' and to boys also, 'Jangan macam-macam'. 
Okay, I found a photo from twitter saying there was a ghost image of 'Ulik Mayang' behind a girl. I pernah dengar about this ulik mayang thingy. I can clearly see the image though from this image. Tapi tak tahu lah kalau orang lain. Or maybe it is just a tree. But to make things clear, It is not actually an Ulik Mayang but It is Menora. Menora came from Siam. The prove…

I'm a chef!

Being left all alone at home. I've heard this one line ''Bila kita tinggalkan anak buat apa yang mereka suka buat, otak mereka akan berkembang. Mereka akan jadi lebih kreatif'' Tapi, this is a special line for children not for a women like me. Nahh. Ignore.
What do you feel when you are doing something that you are afraid of, for a long time and now you are doing it very well? It's cool and yeah feeling right? And so am I. I did it! I've been afraid to step into the kitchen to cook and now I made dinner of macarroni, spagetthi and orange pudding with banana cocktail. Pakai campak je semua ingredients dalam kuali :D
err by the way, I'm a bit clumsy and careless.  ibu was calling me while my right hand is holding kuali. Masa tu tgh masak, and I end up to bajet2 put my telephone inside the fridge since it was very near to the kitchen. Konon2 kejap lagi nak ambil. But I end up lupa to take it away from the fridge. About 2 hours telephone ni beku -.-