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I'm a chef!

Being left all alone at home. I've heard this one line ''Bila kita tinggalkan anak buat apa yang mereka suka buat, otak mereka akan berkembang. Mereka akan jadi lebih kreatif'' Tapi, this is a special line for children not for a women like me. Nahh. Ignore.

What do you feel when you are doing something that you are afraid of, for a long time and now you are doing it very well? It's cool and yeah feeling right? And so am I. I did it! I've been afraid to step into the kitchen to cook and now I made dinner of macarroni, spagetthi and orange pudding with banana cocktail. Pakai campak je semua ingredients dalam kuali :D

err by the way, I'm a bit clumsy and careless. 
ibu was calling me while my right hand is holding kuali. Masa tu tgh masak, and I end up to bajet2 put my telephone inside the fridge since it was very near to the kitchen. Konon2 kejap lagi nak ambil. But I end up lupa to take it away from the fridge. About 2 hours telephone ni beku -.-

groceries shopped, alone! hell yeah(:
lain yang ditulis, lain yang dibeli -.-

Macarroni and Spagetthi with Prego sauce
It may be easy and simple cooking for the good cook. But, it was a really super incredible yet amazing experience to me! I made it with different taste by adding cheeses and buttercup in my macaroni spagetthi. Its yummeh! Hehe.

Orange Pudding with Banana Custard

This is my favourite! I favourite every sweet foods :D

Oh btw, I have a cook teacher. He taught me everything that I wanted to know about cooking. But now he is angry with my carelessness when he found this.

serious tak perasan cutting board ni belakang kuali. tak pasal-pasal kena marah. 

So in a nutshell, I feel good in cooking. I have found my new self with interest in cooking! Adik was saying this. ''Kak Av ni suka masak sedap-sedap saja je nak bagi adik gemuk kan?'' Hihi I take that as a compliment. So, can I declare myself a chef? :p 


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