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fetch him

just fetch him from setiawangsa who enjoying his cuti sem for PLKN in Pahang and we were having our late dinner just now. Mee Hoon Sup with Carrot Susu is my choice. dah macam nama penyanyi korea dah mee hoon sup tu -.-

had missing this love so much

he had 'quarantined' in Pahang for PLKN. haha sebenarnya takdela quarantine sangat. he's my adik, though. had leaving home for 3 weeks and we are waiting for his kepulangan in a few hours more, for cuti sem katanya. ibu siap kata, ''nanti adam balik, ibu dah terbayang-bayang nak peluk adam dulu dah'' alolo sedih!

tips to scare your housemates/roomates

have that intention of scaring your roomates/housemates? here are the techniques (:

birthday shout out to kakak!

birthday shout out to nurul ain nasir. she had turning 22y/o. the best part was, we were having such a great red velvet cake. yummeh!

The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

As promised, i'd blogged the kakak's pre-wedding photoshoot photos by the professional and been copied from here |
the solemnization | 21 December 2012 the reception | 23 December 2012

The Photoshoot

the pre-wedding photoshoot
Date | 21 May 2012
Day | Monday
Time | 7.30am-9.30pm
Venue | Alam Budiman, Puncak Perdana, Selangor
Model | Ain Nasir & Azrie Arif

p/s : these pictures were captured by using Nikon Coolpix sahaja. Maaf lack of skills in capturing. More awesome pictures by the proffessional will be uploaded soon. TQ
B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E

T I M E  W I T H  L O V E L I E S @Upstairs Cafe, Subang. Having the greatest Red Velvet Cake ever!
Tengkusurayahani | Nurulvianna | Haliza


i was having such a good time today. accompany kakak for her hair treatment about 1 and half hour for tomorrow's pre wedding photoshoot, while i entertained my own self. how did i entertained? by walking alone in the big big mall, manipulated people around and give conclusion on them. haha. what type of hobby i owned.