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Paranormal of Menora in UiTM Lendu


Hi. First of all, to make things clear I am no longer an eligible student of UiTM Lendu but I was living in the so called spooky campus for about 3 years. I heard UiTM Lendu has been attacked by the paranormal thingy after Citrawarna for these couple days. Sampai kena kosongkan kolej and kolej lelaki pun was attacked by the histeria semua. Betul eh? Hmm. We can just pray the best for UiTM Lendu. To juniors, 'they' love something in dirt. Keep close to god. Istighfar. To girls, for those who are in menstruation period, 'keep clean' and to boys also, 'Jangan macam-macam'. 

Okay, I found a photo from twitter saying there was a ghost image of 'Ulik Mayang' behind a girl. I pernah dengar about this ulik mayang thingy. I can clearly see the image though from this image. Tapi tak tahu lah kalau orang lain. Or maybe it is just a tree. But to make things clear, It is not actually an Ulik Mayang but It is Menora. Menora came from Siam. The prove from the image is the 'long hat' and 'kuku panjang' worn by the gadis. Ulik Mayang tak pakai macam ni. The issue is, where does this thing come from? Macam mana boleh terkandas ke Melaka from Siam? Wallahualam.
Zoom it
Anyway, I'm sorry for taking your picture to be blogged in, girl.

So basically, I am not taking granted of this hot-trends story but yet I am taking the chance to share my experience being trapped in the mistic moments. Kira reminiscing the times sekejap lah. Heheh. Okay back to the main. It was happening at the peak night of Citrawarna when I was in semester 2. Everyone was busied participating at Padang Kawad and I was escaping from taking part by going out from UiTM Lendu, kantoi. I got back from the outing about 9 pm. I never get an idea that the hostel was empty because they were in padang. With the super exhausted body, I entered the room and just get my bed. I didn't switch on the electric though. For about 30 minutes in the room, I was barely can't breath. It was very sudden! I guess it was 5 minutes time I went through the hard situation. At once, I heard my senior turning her body. I mean I heard the sound of bed. So confidently I know there were someone in room besides me. I yelled, ''Kak Kat, tak boleh bernafas lah V''. But she didn't answered. I keep hearing the sound of bed. After that, I feel someone is whispered into my ear. Very soft, very low voice yet very scary! ''Veeeeeee, lari'' It whispered. It really frightened me! I yelled even louder to Kak Kat! But she never answered me at all. At the same time, I just realised that the hostel was very silent and empty. Okay, I know there were something weird. I get myself to be brave and switch on the lights. Gahh, Kak Kat was no in her bed! and I was all alone indeed. I ran and get them in Padang Kawad.

The second story was the second night after Citrawarna. I was experiencing an insomniac and get myself into 'trouble' to go to the bathroom at 3 in the morning. It was a blurry image sebab mungkin tengah mamai but what I saw was a very long white and dirty kain putih at the top of the RS' House which can be seen from the toilet lah. It was slowly and smoothly went down the roof like someone was pulling it from down. But in logical thinking, siapa pulak nak tarik kain panjang putih tu pagi-pagi ni? 

I am not here to seek for an attention. But more to give some piece of advices to my dearest adik-adik through my experience. So in a nutshell, just don't be too scared or too brave. Get close to God, banyakkan istighfar. Jangan buat 'benda yang bukan-bukan'. And plus, I am not blaming the Citrawarna Event for everything happened since it is the same mistic case with mine and with the current one. Cuma, kena lebih berhati-hati untuk buat sesuatu oleh semua pihak including the students and committees. You guys know the do's and don'ts kan.



faisal awiengs said…
salam vianna,wow,mmg cerita ni tgh hot kat fb ngan twitter,but i don't know actually about this story until u post this entry...i'm uitm shah alam student n very so interested in paranormal activity,if anything happen later,keep posting about it,ok?
Nuriesya Nadia said…
Currently reading most of the blogs kat Google , semua cerita benda yang sama. For Faisal. U can read this too :

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