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their laughters is my cure of the sadness

i admit, their laughters is my cure of all the sadness, i admit their smile is my happiness, i admit without them i may not being introduced to the world which have black and white. they know me better rather than i know myself. they prevent me from the wrongdoings whenever i get slipped my leg to the wrong path. they taught me without rain, there is no rainbow. they taught me love is everything, money cant buy happiness and sharing is crucial among the siblings. that is why i grew up to be me, now. I am Nurul Vianna Binti Nasir.

spending the golden time with family is the bestest i ever had. i forgot about every each bitterness and sadness which made my life miserable. behind my laughters and smiles, theres 1001 story but, i never forget i still have them as my golden property that are worth to be kept indeed. had spending a day in Port Dickson on 24 March 2012. 

i was standing by the ocean seeing people are staring at the sunset and pray. i was wondering what is all happening. it just because Allah hears the doa at the moment sunset occur.

the bestest woman in the world. she can sing, cook, sew and do those creative things. she is ibu (:

berenang time maghrib-maghrib

i have no idea what they talked about because im just acted as a photographer, captured everything to be kept as memory. i missed their conversation -.-
we do support Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia. it is way way way cheaper. support lah!

Desa Lagoon Residence Resort

he was struggling to take the pringles.
these two siblings. Adam and Alisa. how their life goes without me in Lendu?

night view

cover cun sangat -.-

 where me? find me.

there's nothing to be said. just an appreciation and gratitude to Allah s.w.t to grant me such a beautiful family. they are the precious golden i ever had (: 


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