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after i've gone through all the hard path, which really tested me, as time passed by, i feel more relieved, i feel more confident in defining what is actually the meaning of life. People used to say, whenever they face their complicated path of life, they would say, ''why all these happens?'' , ''why me?'' , ''i can't stand anymore'' , ''why god pass this test to me eventhough i can't even bear to face with it?'' 

Dear people,

Sometimes, what we want is not always what we get, but at the end, what we get is so much better than what we want. 

Because, when you face the hard path, believe me, god is writing something better for you. i am the one who always forgot the creator (alpa), always forgot to be thankful to Allah (say alhamdulillah), aku hanyalah hambamu yang selalu alpa dengan tanggungjawab ku, untuk sentiasa bersujud ke bumi menyembah mu Ya Allah. Namun kau sentiasa tidak melupakan every each of your Umat. you always hear their doa's and you always give us test as the medium to strenghten our faith and spirit in life eventhough there are some of us who always take the test as the burden of life, at once ignoring you and sometimes, i am the one. maaf kan hamba mu ini Ya Allah. Namun, after i have successful to pass through the paths, i start to realise, you are writing the best for me and i start creating a very sincere smile all over my face. 

here are my ways in handling my stress,pressure,problemmo,test and everything.

  • take a deep breath. 
  • ambil wuduk
  • buat solat sunat hajat, but are preferrable to do a solat sunat taubat before your solat hajat
  • cry if it's a must (i would cry semahunya !).
  • sleep after cry.
  • get blackforest cadburry chocolate, look into the mirror, and look at yourself while saying, ''ya allah, teruknya muka aku. bengkak sana, bengkak sini, tengok mata tu. mcm panda! tak guna kan menangis? not worth it.'' then, smile.
  • take a bath.
  • listen up for music.
  • think, think and think of yourself. just think that all these are just for temporary, you are too strong, that is the reason why Allah gave you that kind of test because Allah won't pass the test if his Umat is not capable to pass through it. so, be grateful because Allah percaya of your strength ability. 
  • start your new life, leave the hard path, far behind.
  • make yourself busy, busy, and busy as you will not have a single chance to be alone which would trap you to cry because of thinking all those past moments. 
  • be kind to everyone.
  • call your mother/father.
  • make some hello's to the new people.
  • make more conversations with your friends, and laugh !
  • better, keep your sad story untold to the one who does not know you deeper and vice versa
  • :)
this steps really helped me a lot ! special thanks to my own self ! :D


vianna nasir said…
haha tips sendiri je.

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