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about the TROJAN VIRUS !!!

salam, dear facebooker, it's a MUST for you to check out on my blog for this post. for your information, my facebook account have been hacked by some irresponsible party. memang sangat bengang, i am the innocent.  apa lah motive korang hack aku kan, at once spreading your TROJAN VIRUS! 

it begins this way, someone who is my own roomate, puteri nurfarihan suddenly appear on my facebook chat box and say, 'hi, how are you? wanna laugh? its you on the video, check out. okay, i'll be back in within 30minutes' okay, then, mati2 lah aku percaya yang tu roomy aku yang hantar. i check out the video. 

it stated that, sorry you can't watch this video unless you download the adobe flash. the title was, 'vianna nasir, is on the leading role, shoking performance!' the views 23+++ and the comments is all from my dearest friend. macam mana lah aku tak percaya kan. then, tanpa segan silunya, i click on the download button sebab nak tengok video tu punya pasal. 

a few minutes later, TROJAN DETECTED ! and my laptop shut down suddenly.

next, dia on balik. nak bergurau pulak dia kann.

bila on, sampai kat safe mode. okay, this is the temporary step for those yang dah terkena virus tu. klik control panel, then recovery. it may on with your standard windows as usual. but the trojan is still there. your laptop may be on, for just 15 minutes. then, it will shut down suddenly, hidup balik and repeatedly. 

and i am even facing problem with the google chrome and internet explorer

dear people, i've been hacked. i can't even log in to my facebook account through my infected laptop. now, pakai laptop kakak je online. sedih kan? i am so sorry, if i appear on your facebook chat box and spread the virus. 

one hope, please just ignore me. i just can update my status through my handphone and that is the real me. 

look on the chat box, its not written by me, 136 people i guess had been infected .

sepuluh jari disusun.

P/S : now kena cari duit untuk format laptop. Apa lah dosa aku kan. 


crayon said…
solution tengok kat sini

ini bukan komen spam ok.. haha just sharing.. peace
vianna nasir said…
thankyou for the info man. :)

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