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haritu, i went for shopping. shopping kasut lahh. suka beno dok belek-belek kasut kulit kan. lembuttttt je. masa tu, kedai tu memang havoc plus crowded lah. weekend kan. masa tengah raba-raba kasut tu, i was just attracted by a pump shoe. lawa gila! kulit. warna light pink. sweet kan. baru je aku nak pegang, angkat, sentuh, peluk, dan cium kasut tu, tiba2 ternampak kat dlm kasut tu, ada label PIG SKIN! ahahahahahaahaaha. astaghfirullah. nasib baik tak terpegang. kalau tak, tak pasal2 lah aku kena bukak kitab sekolah agama darjah lima dulu, nak samak lerr. tapi, nasib baik ada label kan? kalau yang takde tu? yg tak alert tu? haa, habislah kita wahai umat islam.  so, here, before you guys terkena samak, i would like to share some of the knowledge which i google too, hehe, to recognize the pig skin as we all know, we are prohibited to wear and even touch it. haram okayyyy.... (cewahhh..... jadi cikgu jap)

Picture # 1
Flattened leather with thin look and equal-distance spots.

Picture # 2
Very prominent Spots & Pin Holes. Suede like texture is visible.

Picture # 3
Flattened and soft looking but spots are visible.


1. korang kena tahu whether stuffs leather yang korg beli tu made up of pig skin or not, kalau tak, tanya org yg tahu or tanya pekerja kedai tu.
2. kalau korang tak pasti, jangan pakai! was-was kan, so, elakkan yer.
It is amazing that many Muslims do not know if they are actually wearing a leather jacket or a shoe or carrying a purse or any other leather product that is made of pigskin.



GENERAL LEATHER PRODUCT: Heavily used in Chinese and other developing or under-developing countries.

SHOES AND JOGGERS: Full Leather suede looking Shoes or inner linings
JACKETS: Full Leather suede looking knee long and waist long full sleeve or sleeveless jackets.

PURSES : Women and men purses. Full leather or linings.

BRIEF CASES: Men and Women leather brief cases, usually inner linings are pigskins. But look out for rest of the leather.


PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: Pigskin is cheap and easily available in most countries. It is lighter that real suede made of Cow. Due to low price it is easier to market and sell. It was first used as liners as it is really thin and strong. Soon it was used in most products as profit margins are comparatively high.


Mostly, it looks like suede. But it is thinner. It has spots on it. Kind of depressions or little holes that never go through. It seems like some has used spikes to try to pin through it. But these spots are only on one side.

Usually, on the other side of the leather, you will see squeezed round shaped spots. These spots may not be very prominent on this side. If you look very closely at the pictures given, you will have no problem in identifying pigskin. If you are not sure, read labels or ask the store keepers. Do not ask them if these are pigskins. Let them tell you what kind of leather it is. Do not take their words.

Ask for proof.

Now What?

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, "Knowledge is only through study." While some knowledge can be gained from reading or casually listening to lectures, the best means to gain knowledge is through finding a qualified teacher and then setting up a systematic program of learning. Picking up a book or reading an article and trying to figure things out on our own is no substitute for learning from someone who has a direct link to our living tradition.

so, dear friends, readers and visitors, please do alert with what you are wearing. thank you for reading. :)
cubalah takut sikit, bila tahu tu kulit ****. ambil tindakan. jangan lah buat muka slumber je.
alert please! 


tak gemar pakai kasut kulit...nasib baik la..hehehe
vianna nasir said…
kann. tapi, just hati2 je lah ea. kadang2 ada kat handbag, jaket and purse. :)
Anonymous said…
same mcm hot chocolate with mashmallows,xgemar pakai ksut kulit, memg btol pn,memg skg ni da byk da kdai jual ksut y berasal dr kulit tooooottt tu...jd sume owg kne la bhati hati yerrrrr.....
vianna nasir said…
yes. betul2. careful bila beli barang :)

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