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i went to propose for my second wife of my husband

for the first assignment of BEL260. What the....... takpe2... best jugak...... first sekali, we asked to present a dialogue/conversation. as usual.... me? with my wife lahhh CARRINA!!! the best conversation that we had wrote, sebab..... the most merepek one! time, the others tengah tulis dialogue, kteorg sebok borak2. then, when our turn, mulalah kelam kabut... so, inilah hasilnya.


CARRINA | hai vianna
VIANNA | hai it's you. i thought u didn't come. i've been looking for you everywhere.
CARRINA | ouh yaa. what's up? i miss you, why you you didn't join us for the trip?
VIANNA | what trip?
CARRINA | the one that our classmates organised. we went to Penang.
VIANNA | ouh yaa. that trip! i'm so sory. i can't make it. something's came up. i was so frustrated when i saw the pictures in the Facebook
CARRINA | ouh. what's so important than our reunion? yeahh. we did  have a lot of fun, but we still wish you to be there.
VIANNA | hmm. i am so sorry because i went to propose for my second wife of my husband. he is being such a handfull. so i asked him to marry another one.
CARRINA | ouh what a great idea! i should consider that, since my husband keep demanding weird thing from me.
VIANNA | yeaahh.... i can suggest you a place for your husband to find a good second wife!
CARRINA | really? where is it?
VIANNA | it's an orphanage near my village. the girls there are down to earth and nice. they are easy to be told and not fussy.
CARRINA | do i need to make an appointment to go there?
VIANNA | i don't think so. i am free this weekend, i can bring you there if you want. :D
CARRINA | ouh that's sounds great. we are such a good wife. we will get a gold umbrella in heaven.
VIANNA | insyaallah. let's grab a bite.
CARRINA | let's

bukan senang nk dapat bini mcm kitaorang ni tau............................

NEXT, free speech...........
this is what crossed my mind.

''Assalammualaikun and a very good morning to our respected lecturer, Sir Rfique and fellow friends. i'm Nurul Vianna Nasir, and for my speech today, allow me to talk about my best friend. she is such a beautiful girl with MAGGIE hair, FAIR skin, 150cm height and her NERDY spectacles. that's he characteristics which differ from my other friend. how we met? we met on 29June2010 at Masjid Al-Hikmah while queueing up
and waiting for the next programme of Minggu Destini Siswa. the most funny thing, when she was give her full attention to talk, and i just snapped a picture of her and say 'cheesse'. she was too angry with me and called me 'minah camera' until now. haha. sometimes, she is such a fierce one until i have to stay away from her for a moment. true! but, with her fierce, she's always protect me from any harm. haha. ceh! i will always be with her all the time, because i love her, she is my wife and she is Puteri NurCarrina''

tapi, ni apa yang terlintas on my mind, on that time, the true is! i love them both! puteri nurcarrina and munirah omar. syang korangggg. <3


miya amirah said…
like n jelaz wif ur relation :(
vianna nasir said…
heeeee janganlah mcm tu. biasa2 je lah kteorg. :)

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